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Some frequently asked questions:

Do I need experience to go kayaking with Cape Kayak Adventures?

No, you don't need experience to come kayaking with us. A basic level of fitness is required since we paddle for 1.5 hours, but we stop for frequent rests, we take photos and we love to share our knowledge – it’s not a kayak race. Beginners will easily manage the 6 km paddle. 

What gear do I need for kayaking?

​In addition to the kayak, paddle and personal flotation device that we provide, you'll need the following gear:

  • A dry bag or waterproof container for your belongings

  • Sunscreen

  • A hat

  • Sunglasses

  • Water

  • Snacks

Please note that sandals and flip flops (or ‘plakkies’) easily float away. We recommend either kayaking in water shoes or barefoot. Shoes can be stored in the dry bag you’ve brought along or left in our shop before departing.

If you're kayaking in cold weather, you'll also need to dress appropriately. The sea temperature of the Atlantic Ocean is colder in summer (9–14°C), so bring something warm and a change of dry clothes to change into afterwards. We have a hot shower to warm you up after if you need it.

Is kayaking dangerous?

Kayaking can be a safe and enjoyable activity, but there are some risks involved. It's important to be aware of the risks and to take steps to mitigate them. Some common risks associated with kayaking include:​​

  • Sunburn

  • Insect bites

  • Blue bottle stings (rare)

  • Capsizing

  • Seasickness.


To reduce your risk of injury or having a less-than-awesome trip, it's important to:

  • Check the weather forecast before you go kayaking.

  • Dress appropriately for the weather conditions.

  • If you are prone to seasickness, take precautionary medication.

  • Always wear your personal flotation device.

  • Paddle with a partner.

  • Be aware of your surroundings and avoid hazards.


Our well-trained guides will brief you properly prior to departure, help you back into your kayak if you do capsize and/or advise you on the treatment of stings. But don’t worry: If we think that conditions are unsafe for whatever reason (whether it be due to the weather, the sea or marine life), we will put your safety first and postpone the trip to a time when conditions are suitable.

What are some tips for beginner kayakers?

Here are some tips for beginner kayakers:

  • Start with a calm body of water.

  • Take a lesson from a qualified instructor.

  • Choose the right type of kayak for your needs.

  • Wear a life jacket and other appropriate gear.

  • Be aware of the risks and take steps to mitigate them.

  • Start slowly and gradually increase your distance and difficulty.

  • Have fun!

Is it safe for children to go kayaking?

Yes, it is safe for children to go kayaking, but there are some important things to keep in mind. First, children should always be supervised by an experienced adult when kayaking. Second, children should wear a properly fitting personal flotation device at all times. Third, children should start kayaking in calm waters and gradually work their way up to more challenging conditions.


Here are some additional tips for kayaking with children:

  • Choose a child-sized kayak that is appropriate for your child's age and weight.

  • Start by teaching your child the basic paddling strokes and safety techniques.

  • Take your child kayaking on calm waters, such as a lake or pond.

  • Avoid kayaking in windy or stormy conditions.

  • Take breaks often and make sure your child stays hydrated.

  • Make kayaking a fun and enjoyable experience for your child.


With proper supervision and safety precautions, kayaking can be a safe and enjoyable activity for children of all ages.


The youngest age we will take kayaking is 5 years old, unless they have previous kayaking experience. Your child will need to be comfortable sitting alone in the front of the kayak, as it is not safe to take a baby sitting on someone's lap.

Can I book a kayak trip even if I don't have someone to join me?

Yes, we will either let you paddle with another guest or with a guide.

Can I paddle a single kayak?

We reserve single kayaks for guides due to the unstable nature of our single kayaks.

If you are a devoted kayaker where you live and have ocean or river kayak experience, please let your guide ahead of time and ask to paddle alone. Our ability to accommodate you will depend on kayak availability, weather conditions and how many guests we have booked for the tour.

Do you have any tips for beginner kayakers?

Of course! Here are some tips for beginner kayakers:

  •  Start with a calm body of water.

  •  Have a lesson with a qualified instructor.

  •  Choose the right type of kayak for your needs.

  •  Wear a personal flotation device and other appropriate gear.

  •  Be aware of the risks and take steps to mitigate them.

  • Start slowly and gradually increase your distance and difficulty.

  •  Have fun!

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